Conventional Debt Structures…

Fundings for these kinds of purposes can come in a wide variety of s formats…

  • First Mortgages 

  • Second Mortgages

  • Mezzanine Fundings

  • With personal recourse

  • Without personal recourse

  • Fixed Rate

  • Floating rate

  • Long loan terms

  • Short loan terms

Using highly developed skills combined with extensive experience, our team Identifies the best capital sources for your needs, Generates multiple competing quotes, Delivers the best offers possible, Negotiates all aspects of the transaction and gets the deal Closed on time.

Conventional Debt Financing…

This is the heart of our service, securing conventional loans for the purpose of…

  • Refinancing existing loans in place

  • Funding the Purchase of a new property

  • Providing funds for the Construction of a new property

  • Securing new capital to fund a property Rehabilitation +

  • Funding the cost of Repositioning an existing asset for new opportunities

Non-Conventional Financing & Non-Conventional Structures…

This is where Financing becomes an Artform…

  • Standby  Financing

  • Forward Funding loans

  • Structured Joint Ventures 

  • Sale/Leaseback transactions

  • Leasehold Securities

  • Air Rights Securities

  • Acquisition Capital Lines 

  • Fundings not secured by real estate assets

  • Property Sales with Financing

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